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In today’s world, reliable power has become imperative to homes. These modern power requirements put an ever increasing demand on the electrical grid that was originally designed and built over 100 years ago. While utility companies have expanded and upgraded the grid since that time, the demands continue to come close to exceeding capacity as more homes and businesses are built and existing properties increase their electrical needs. This demand can tax the grid so heavily that it can cause periodic losses of power.

Storms can also cause periodic losses of power. Wind, downed trees and ice can all be responsible for knocking out the power to your home. An interruption of power service is not only disruptive to your household, but can be life threatening for those dependent on electrical medical devices. A standby generator can give you and your family peace of mind.

Generators are currently available that run on natural gas, LP (propane) gas or diesel fuel/heating oil. Depending on your specific needs, TNT Electrical Services can assist you in selecting the right generator for your home. Generators are available that have the capacity to back up everything in your home or only specific items. All standby generators are permanently installed and completely automatic, restoring power to the items most important to you within minutes, even if you are not home.

If you prefer a manual generator unit, TNT Electrical Services can assist with the preparation necessary for the installation of a manual generator.

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