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Lighting is the main reason homes were wired at the turn of the 20th century and remains the most important electrical device in your home.

Lighting primarily serves a utilitarian purpose, illuminating the dark to extend the day. However, lighting can also serve another purpose. It can set the mood of a room, it can highlight art or other items of interest, it can be layered to create drama in a room that may otherwise be flat or it can be used for security. Landscape lighting can be used to bring drama to the exterior of your home while illuminating dark corners of the yard.

TNT Electrical Services specializes in residential lighting. Our owner has a theatrical lighting background and extends that knowledge and experience into our customers lighting designs for their homes.

TNT Electrical Services offers lighting control systems to allow for individual light fixture control, individual room lighting control or whole home lighting control.

Whether you simply need a new light fixture or ceiling fan installed or you need recessed lighting installed in one or every room, TNT Electrical Services can handle the job.

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