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Main Service

The main service entrance is the most important part of your electrical system. It is the heart of the electrical system in your home where all of the wiring throughout your home originates, either at the main service fuse or circuit breaker panel.

Need a main service upgrade? Until the 1980’s, 100-amp service was the standard depending on the size of the home. New code requirements and greater electrical demands have increased that minimum to 200 amps. TNT can upgrade your service to 200 amps, 400 amps or any increase in amperage you may need.

Does your light dim when your air conditioning (or another major appliance) kicks on? It’s time for an upgrade. TNT can take care of that upgrade for you.

Does your home still have a fuse panel? Fuse panels were the standard in homes built prior to the 1980’s, but are now considered unsafe and should be upgraded to circuit breaker panels. TNT can take care of that upgrade for you.

Planning a major upgrade to your home? You may need to upgrade your main service as a direct result. TNT can take care of that upgrade for you.

TNT Electrical Services has the knowledge needed to replace or upgrade your main service as needed to accommodate the specific electrical needs of your home.

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